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Careins Concert Promotions

Careins Concert Promotions provides complete plug and play capability  for any venue. We provide support for the small start up bands all the  way up to the big leagues. Sound system for a party at your place or a  major rock show that you tell your grandkids about, that's what we do.  If you are a small band that wants to pull off the gig that makes you  look like you have already made the big time, we are your new best  friend. Want to turn your prom from a snoozefest into a thumping party,  let us handle it. Need to actually hear the honored speakers at your  graduation or other special event? Yup, us again. Corporate events to  those special once in a life time occasions, Careins Concert Promotions  will make them great memories for everyone in attendance. 



No one wants to be remembered as the one who throws the  lame boring parties. We can step up any event with our services. Why  just have a DJ with a couple of little speakers and a flashing light  that Grandma approves of? Have you always wanted to be the guy who could  have a live band concert at your party? We can make that happen for  about what the guy with a pair of dusty old speakers is going to charge  you.  With us you can have a live band, karaoke, a DJ, or any  combination that you want. The sound system, music, lighting or light  shows, staging, tents, tables and chairs, pretty much anything you may  need can be put into an all inclusive package. Just need equipment to  make a party better? You will be surprised what we can do for you 


Do you want to look and sound like your  band has already hit the big time at your next gig? Then you need  Careins Concert Promotions. From the small party or bar gig to the  festival or corporate event, we have you covered with our state of the  art Concert Sound System. Featuring 12 audience facing 15 inch full  range speakers and multiple crowd pleasing subs for that deep bass. We  provide concert quality mics with adjustable stands. We mic your drums  and can do the same for your guitar amp for that unique sound your  groupies love, or we can connect straight into our sound system with  multiple direct connect boxes for your instruments. Our snake cable  keeps the stage floor organized and professional looking. Working with  our sound engineer and light techs will make sure you sound great and  look the best you ever have for your performance. Multiple overhead  light trusses with the newest technology LED lighting, including moving  light heads, give us the ability to give you the exact look you desire. 

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Careins Concert Promotions